The Aurora Police Spouse's Association (APSA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide resources and support to our sworn members of the Aurora Police Department and their spouses. The APSA is a non-profit charitable organization that provides educational, financial, health, connection, and wellness resources for our members and their families. The purpose of the APSA is to support the spouses of Aurora Police Officers and their families. APSA often also extends their support to families of our fallen heroes, Denver Metro area first responders, and our military heroes and their families.

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APD Spouses

Are you the Spouse of an Aurora Police Officer?

Please click below to learn more & join the Aurora Police Spouses Asscociation.

All applications will be sent to your officer's work email for verification before approval.

APD FAmily MEmbers

Are you an Aurora PD family member but not a spouse? Your addition to our interest list will be verified by your officer but we can reach out when we have support events available for you.

denver metro area spouses

Are you a spouse of a police officer in Colorado and would like to join the Denver Metro area group? You will be verified by your officer & their department as well before joining.