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While assisting and supporting many in our law enforcement family who have experienced traumatic, and often life-changing incidents, the Aurora Police Spouse's Association develops and distribute APSA Critical Incident Bags. The Critical Incident Bags include necessities which are often overlooked such as cell phone chargers, socks, toiletries, blankets, notebooks, and many other items needed during a hospital stay. If you are a Police Department in Colorado and would like to receive these bags, please email us at aurorapolicesa@gmail.com

We are constantly working to identify and provide additional support programs for officers and their families. We welcome any assistance, donations, and suggestions.


The everyday life of a law enforcement officer, as well as that of their spouses and family, can prove exhausting to even the strongest among us. The APSA understands the unique challenges of daily life in a law enforcement family and offers events and classes which provide support and assistance, as well as an opportunity for law enforcement families to connect with each other.


The APSA supports the men and women of the Aurora Police Department and allied agencies through such endeavors as providing meals at work, food for those working protests and other critical incidents, the ongoing Adopt-a-Cop program, and even delivering gifts to children whose parents are working in law enforcement capacities on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We provide care packages to officers deployed with the National Guard and Reserves as well as their families. We welcome any suggestions for ways to better serve our law enforcement families and our communities.